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Monday, June 21, 2004

Posted by Tanstaafl - Private craft flies into space - Jun 21, 2004:

Rocket plane SpaceShipOne reached an altitude above 62.5 miles (100 km) during its brief flight Monday morning, making it the first privately built craft to fly in space, controllers said.

I use this as evidence to counter Mr. Ferguson's article suggesting that we're close to a new Dark Ages. I believe that we're in the middle of an age of exploration, innovation, and discovery. The fact that private enterprise is starting to explore the feasibility of space travel is exciting. I heard on the radio this morning, that this project cost over $20 million. I think they were implying that it was a large sum. But how much do government funded launches cost? We might see commercial space flight become real in our life-times. Like I said this is exciting.


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