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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Posted by Tanstaafl
Former diplomats call for Bush ouster:

Freeman, a career diplomat, served both Republican and Democratic administrations.

I'd be more impressed if he'd been a diplomat who'd done other things. Foggy bottom has gotten locked into a pattern of diplomacy for diplomacy's sake. The problem with that is we get into a habit of appologizing for having interests that conflict with other nations' interests. But doesn't that also mean that their interests conflict with ours? Human history is a story of conflict. We have diplomats to resolve those conflicts and to press our interests internationally. I think many of these diplomats don't see the second half as part of their job. They believe that if we play nice, other people will play nice with us. That's the golden rule right? But what do you do when others don't treat you as well as you treat them? Turn the other cheek and forget about it? That doesn't seem to work when a bunch of guys living in caves can snuff out 3,000 Americans for around $400,000.

Jake -- I love something else this women who was representing them on CNN said. She said that the Bush administration had destroyed what it took them 50 years to build. Well that system created to control the Soviets ceased to matter when the Soviet Union fell. Our new security environment will require new alliances and relationships.


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