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Monday, June 21, 2004

Posted by Tanstaafl
Realism in Foreign Policy:

But if we are going to turn realist, let's be clear about what that means in practice. It means worrying less about the nature of regimes and dealing with whoever happens to be in power. It means alienating people who dream of living in freedom while we luxuriate in ours. It means doing little to confront crimes against humanity; realism gives a president a thousand excuses for inaction. It means betraying people like Oswaldo Pay? ? again and again and again.
There's a reason Carter, Reagan and George W. Bush all turned, in different ways, against this approach. They understood that democracy advances security, kowtowing to dictators does not. Most of all, they didn't want to conduct a foreign policy that would make them feel ashamed.

I don't like the idea of playing nice with those who seek to undermine our interests, whether they're communist dictatorships, fundamentalist Islamic regimes, or European democracies. John Kerry has no problem doing so.


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