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Friday, August 13, 2004

Posted by Tanstaafl - N.J. GOP to McGreevey: Resign now - Aug 13, 2004

The GOP should drop it. He did a courageous thing by admitting his affair, and he's resigning. What more do you really need. This is what Republicans wanted Clinton to do, to try and push the bar further now is a bit slimey.

Brian: On a very simplistic level, I agree with you. This push makes the Party look bad in Jersey, and it seems small-minded. But on another level, I think they're right to pursue his immediate resignation.

For one thing, if it's so important that he resign, then why is he waiting 3 months to do it? Very simply, he's waiting until after the election so that a special vote cannot be held for a new governor, and instead the line of succession guarantees that a Dem will hold office at least until a special election next year.
So why push the issue? There's a chance that McGreevy might be forced to resign, and in turn a Republican could win a special election in November. As far as the bad image is concerned, the Republicans in Jersey are extremely weak at the moment, and don't have much more clout to lose. If the scheme works, however, and a Republican wins, they will gain a lot of power. So, while I think it's petty and looks pretty bad, as a strategic move, I support it.


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