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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Posted by Tanstaafl
Kerry Is Widely Favored Abroad (

'If foreigners could vote, there's no question what the result would be,' said Guillaume Parmentier, director of the French Center on the United States. 'Bush's image, even before the war in Iraq, was not good. The way he comports himself, the vocabulary he uses -- good versus evil, God and all that -- even his body language, most people think is not presidential.' He added, 'I've never seen such hostility.'

Fortunately, they can not vote.

Brian - In fact, this can also be seen as a reason why Kerry should not win. We all know that nation-states act primarily in their own self-interest, and we all know that John Kerry has said repeatedly he would not have gone into Iraq without significantly stronger foreign support. I and many others have taken this to say that he would have waited for UN approval before invading, and I have yet to hear him deny that to my satisfaction.
So, we've got a candidate concerned about pleasing foreigners, and apparently he's succeeded. But you know what? I don't want a President who acts in France, or Germany, or Russia's best interest. I'm not an isolationist, by any means, but it seems important to me that, particularly in matters of national security, we put ourselves first.


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