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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Posted by Tanstaafl
Debate Expectations

This Quick Poll may spell trouble for John Edward. As Brendan Miniter pointed out, Kerry was able to win so "decisively", precisely because he was able to manage expectations going in. People thought Bush would have a little edge, and so any time Kerry scored some points, the effect was amplified. The reverse may happen tonight. Of course, CNN's QuickPoll is far from scientific, so who knows.

Brian -- And on the other side, Cheney always outperforms expectations. He's too smart, and too calm to make mistakes, and his constant logic often drives his opponents into a state of rage. That's unlikely to happen to Edwards, with his lawyering past, but it will still be hard to truly win a debate with Cheney.

What I'm looking forward to is Halliburton. I want Edwards to level the Halliburton charge at Cheney, because Cheney's response is bound to be amazing. I think he'll probably start with "yes, I ran Halliburton, but I no longer have any financial ties to that company, and all of my money is tied up in blind trusts."


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