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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Posted by Jake
Early Conclusions from the Debate

1. Filled with a couple facepalming moments:

When Bush said that he can feel people praying to him. Please don't say things like that George. The Daily Show doesn't need your help.

When Kerry did his little Gotcha Tony Soprano line. You can feel Intern Writer #2 high fiving his buddies for thinking that one up.

2. I'm sorry but this is perhaps the most paralyzingly boring thing I have ever watched. I found myself dreaming about reading about Seronegative Spondylopathies afterwards.

3. Must they play the gotcha game. It is hardly Presidential.

4. I liked what Kerry had to say about Pay as you Go. If I actually thought he would go through with that it might change my vote.

5. Bush seemed mad. Kerry seemed composed. That's not good.

Final early conclusion: I really do not like my choices.


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