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Friday, October 01, 2004

Posted by Tanstaafl
Two consecutive boring days:

I like several aspects of this agenda:

So no, I?m not enthused about a summit, unless we get to set the agenda. Item one: get over the frickin' Jews, people. They're not going anywhere, and if they do they?re taking all of you with them. Item two: You poke the hornet's nest one more time and the skies of Tehran and Riyahd will darken with 747s, which will disgorge a fleet of Jeeps. We will ride around with bullhorns and announce that all women are free to leave, with their children, so they can live in a society where they get to show some shin without having some gynophobic wanker whip them with sticks. Your choice! Madrassas and no women, or a live-and-let-live world with women, and cable TV and the odd cold beer now and then, if you like. Beer will not be mandatory. We're not the sort of people who impose beer on the unwilling. But you know, on 9/11 we recognized the downside of coexisting with societies that want to hang people for having a Pabst after a hot day. Your choice. Item three: we're going to play a video of the events of 9/11. And then we'll have a discussion. We're willing to entertain all sorts of commentary, with one proviso: the moment you use the word "but," you're escorted from the building and put back on a plane home. You can never come to the US again. Your nice condo in the new Trump building will be sold for five dollars to a nice Jewish lesbian couple we met the other day at parent's night at our school in Park Slope. One's an artist, the other's a lawyer.

Of course, I doubt Bush would go for that last part, but it works for me.

I plan to post my thoughts on the debate this weekend at some point. Still cogitating on it, and just don't have the time at work to do it any justice. I think in general though, I'm coming down somewhere in between Lileks and Sullivan.


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