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Monday, November 01, 2004

Posted by Jake
Decision Time: Why I am (Reluctantly) Voting for Bush

I would just like to say that I just saw a show on CNN with undecided voters. Who the #$@& are these people? Decide already. (I am really one to talk.)

I think that all elections are involve 1) a degree of speculation about what the candidates are actually going to do when in office and 2) usually the choice between what one percieves as the lesser of two evils. I am particularly underwhelmed in this election. Over the last four years I have moved from a Bush skeptic to a wholehearted supporter back to skepticism. The idealism that when the war in Iraq began has since been overwhelmed by the feeling that due diligence is not being paid to the facts on the ground and that the success of the mission is in danger.

Over the past 4 year, I have puzzling even myself developed quite a fondness for the Republican party. In spite of periodic gaffes and disagreements, I no longer doubt that this is the party where I feel comfortable. That is why I am somewhat distressed by this election. I think that as a party we can do better. I feel as though I am surrounded by very competent conservatives but in a lot of cases their skills are being underutilized.

The only way that one can accomodate for an election like this is to pick a couple of key issues that matter to you most. For me I decided to vote for Bush for three reasons:

1) The silly one: Endorsements may not matter a lot usually but in an election like this they matter to me. It is telling that the people in the Republican Party that I really respect like John McCain, Rudy Giuliani and Arnold are voting for Bush. I think that if they can vote for him (especially McCain) I can too.

2) I think that drug reimportation is a dumb idea. It matters to me a lot because it is concerned with my business.

3) Kerry never convinced me that he will be a grown up about Iraq. I know that this is not his war, but whether he likes it or not we are in it. Political opportunism is not going to be acceptable. We need to win or the consequences will be terrible. He has shown me time and time again that 1) he is not committed and 2) his ideas on how to run the war are naive and unrealistic. That is simply not acceptable. The one thing that I trust Bush will never do is leave to early. I may question the manner in which the war is being conducted but I don't question the committment.

I am voting for Bush, but whoever wins I have every intention of holding them to the same standard. I would like to see improvement in Iraq and reduction in the deficit. Time to watch them deliver.

(Also I would like to note that I would really appreciate if whoever won would do so by a landslide. I don't think two months of litigation is good for this country. Both of them should acknowledge defeat is defeat is theirs.)

Time to sit back and watch the fireworks...

Brian -- Jake, I'm glad to see that you do consider yourself a Republican, even if you cannot be a full-throated Bush supporter. Like you, I have some serious reservations about him, but I remain committed to the Party as a whole. Unlike you, though I'm clearly a Bush supporter and I'll be campaigning for him again tomorrow, I feel no need to share my vote with anyone, so, while you may assume, no one will ever technically have a declaration from me regarding my final vote.

On another note, and speaking of the landslide idea, I don't know if you've made it over to RFTR in the past 24 hours, but my election prediction is up. The summary? Bush landslide.


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