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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Posted by Jake
RealClimate ? Climate Science

Contribution to the scientific debate is now apparently in vogue. And it is about damn time. This is a blog created by some climate scientists to correct misinterpretations of the data by the media.

I would note two things about it.

1) This site vehemently disagrees with some of the columnists you and I would tend to read (George Will being one of them).

2) It stands firmly by the notion that global warming is real and that it is at least partly the consequence of human action.

Neither of these two statements bother me particularly, and I like this site because it bases its arguments on the data -- which is what the debate should have been about all along. You can argue with data and statistics, but you can't argue against ignorance and vehemence. If you are interested in getting the full story I would recommend reading this and contrasting it with the views published on TCS. I found it very illuminating.


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