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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Posted by Jake
Rice Says Iraq Elections Exceeds Expectation (

'What the administration does in these next few days will decide the outcome of Iraq. And this is - not may be - this is the last chance for the president to get it right,' Kerry said.

Anyone who does not view millions of Iraqis expressing an optimistic future in the face of horrible adversity and does not have levity for the human condition -- anyone who is critical on this day a D-Day (for Democracy) for Iraqis -- is too mean to deserve sympathy, too crass to deserve an audience, and too ignorant to be a US Senator. With all do respect Kerry, you sir are an asshole. Thank you for reiterating to me the reasons that I decided you lacked the fiber to be our President, not because you don't have family values but because in some deep and fundamental way you are a political animal not a moral one.


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