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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Posted by Tanstaafl
EVDO vs. Muni WiFi:

But I really don't understand Verizon's hostile attitude toward free wi-fi, and especially municipal wi-fi. Once again, Verizon's CEO is disparaging the idea, and once again I wonder why anyone would consider municipal wi-fi a threat to things like the EVDO card that I have.

A) I don't think they see it as a threat to EVDO, they see it as a threat to their wireline DSL businesses.
B) The muni governments sell it below cost when they build it themselves, but are unlikely to provide significant subsidies to Verizon or SBC to build their own networks, as such, one of the ILEC's major complaints is that the munis are engaging in unfair competition. And maybe they have a point. If the City of Detroit decided that everyone should have access to affordable cars, and so they were going to buy the rights to Daewoo's engine and chassis designs and sell $5000 new cars, obviously GM and Ford would have a fit. One could argue that ubiquitous WiFi would be a natural monopoly and so regulating/subsidizing it like a utility would be appropriate. However, I'd disagree. The wireless PCS business seems to be doing just fine without government support. I bet when WiFi and WiMax technology matures, it will do just fine as well.


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