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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Posted by Tanstaafl
Greg Mankiw on voter participation

"Before we're too hard on people who don't vote, we should ask why they don't."

I agree with Mr. Mankiw. If you don't feel strongly about something, why should you have to vote on it? The right to vote is a right, not an obligation.


I went to hear a debate between William Kristol and Kartina vanden Heuval last week, and both were urging people to vote.

I come down about where you are—anyone who doesn't see the value in voting, well, I don't see the value in convincing you to express your opinion. I'm glad that turnout has been high for the past several elections, but I don't see any reason to encourage it beyond the people who choose to vote of their own free will.

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