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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Posted by Tanstaafl
La Shawn Barber defends John Kerry

"Think about it, people. Do you really believe that John Kerry, a war veteran, thinks American troops are dumb or would say so publicly during a war in the midst of an election cycle? When I first heard about his remarks, I knew instinctively that he couldn't have meant that. And I can't stand the man!"

I think La Shawn is mostly right on this. I'm not convinced that Kerry meant to insult Bush instead of the troops, but I understand how he might have been going for that and just screwed up. I've certainly tried to be funny in the past and ended up saying something I regret.

It doesn't matter though what he meant to say, or tried to say, or even actually said. Senator Kerry has forfeited any benefit of the doubt with his bizarre response to the criticism. How does name calling help?

A mature, intelligent response by someone who understands society's customs and rules would go something like this: "I apologize deeply to anyone, especially our brave troops and their families, who I might have offended. I was attempting to make a joke about the President and his failed policies, and I misspoke. I assure you that I have the utmost respect for our men and women in uniform." After he's shown appropriate regret, he could even go on to criticize President Bush. But to jump up and down and throw a tantrum about people who call for an apology is stupid. Especially since most of the calls for the apology came before he clarified his position. Had he apologized, the onus would be on McCain, Snow, and Bush to accept his apology gracefully. IF they continued to bash him on it, THEN he could get indignant.

But instead, he's set himself up as a lightning rod.

I think at this point, the Democrats had better take the McGuyver approach to fixing anything that's broken, and find some duct tape for Senator Kerry's oratory organ.

UPDATE: My brother has a much more complete and hard-line take on Kerry's "gaffe" over at RFTR. It's a fairly complete fisking.


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