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Friday, December 08, 2006

Posted by Tanstaafl
I would have voted NO
The law would also instruct the Environmental Protection Agency to conduct a study analyzing the state of the art of data centers and servers in the U.S., including potential cost savings owed to the use of energy-efficient products. The EPA is then supposed to recommend new ways to attract interest in energy-efficient products, which has been the goal for years of the government's Energy Star initiative.

I have nothing against energy efficient servers. In fact, I hope more companies will invest in the technologies that are making them more efficient. Aside from the environmental benefits, it makes good business sense, as the article points out. My complaint is that this is a complete waste of tax-payer's money.

Do the authors of this bill honestly believe that corporate IT and finance departments need the EPA's help in figuring out how much money they will save?

Just another intrusion of government into an area where it has no business, at the expense of those of us who foot the bill.


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