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Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Posted by RFTR - Hiroshima mayor hits out at U.S. - Aug. 6, 2003: "Tadatoshi Akiba said Washington's apparent worship of 'nuclear weapons as God' was threatening world peace."

It could just be me, but if we hadn't dropped the bombs the first time, he might be forced to worship an emperor 'as God,' and it seems to me that the last time around that caused quite a threat to world peace...

Matt -- I know its a little off topic, but they still do have an emperor... same family line for 2500 years! And as always, they are fanatically supportive of him. Anyway, what they were really "worshiping" at the time was the military... who like every other "power" in Japanese history gained such position by positioning themselves near the emperor who has had historically varied amounts of power depending on who his friends were.


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