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Friday, September 19, 2003

Posted by RFTR - Wonder Land: "Shortly after the war was over, a high official from France's Parliament visited our offices hoping to let bygones be bygones. He said we were all joined in the war on terror and that our countries' long-term interests coincided. He was visiting American editorial boards and going to Washington to see key Members of Congress in the belief that if he could convince these influential people -- the U.S. networking equivalent of les grandes ├ęcoles -- Franco-American relations would revive."

I can't help but constantly feel like the French just simply don't understand our country. They think that by having Woody Allen on TV ads American tourists will suddenly return to France, forgiving how they stabbed us in the back. They think that sending a diplomat to our editorial boards and congressmen will change public sentiment. How about they try just a little not screwing us instead?

James-- I have a much more simple complaint. Voicemail, they need to setup their voicemail accounts. "Ring, Ring, Ring.... Ring*5.... Ring, Bonjour avec qui est-ce que vous voulez parler?"; "umm Hi, I'm trying to reach [business contact]."; "Oh pardon monsieur, she must not be in today";"Well may I have her voicemail please";"Oh pardon monsieur, she must not have activated it." Somehow, I had no confidence in leaving a message with a receptionist that didn't seem to know the woman I was calling.


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