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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Posted by RFTR - Who's Vulnerable? (sorry, subscribers only)

Barnes lays out a good case for why Bush isn't nearly as vulnerable as the press seems to think. The key here is to recognize that it's easy to get excited into thinking that, since the Democrats have been campaigning now for almost 6 months, they're beating him. But the election itself is 13 months away, and he has not yet begun to respond to the Dems' criticisms of him. As the situation in Iraq continues to improve, as the economy continues to show signs of recovery and jobs begin increasing again, his approval will go back up. As Barnes says, "President Bush has until mid-2004 for the public to sense the improved trajectory of the economy. That's plenty of time." Everyone is overly excited, and Bush has more than enough time to earn reelection.


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