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Friday, October 24, 2003

Posted by RFTR
Did I Violate the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban? - A doctor ponders a new era of prosecution By Warren M. Hern: "Then I inserted my forceps into the uterus and applied them to the head of the fetus, which was still alive, since fetal injection is not done at that stage of pregnancy. I closed the forceps, crushing the skull of the fetus, and withdrew the forceps. The fetus, now dead, slid out more or less intact. With the next pass of the forceps, I grasped the placenta, and it came out in one piece. Within a few seconds, I had completed my routine exploration of the uterus and sharp curettage. The blood loss would just fill a tablespoon."

I'm sorry, but this column did the opposite of persuade me that partial-birth abortion should remain legal. The fact of the matter is, I'm not worried about whether or not the woman described here came out ok or not. The image of a doctor crushing the skull of a fetus with forceps is a barbaric one, and solidified in my mind an opinion on which I had previously been anything but decided.


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