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Friday, October 31, 2003

Posted by RFTR
From today's Political Journal (sorry, subscriber email only):
"Comedian Dennis Miller's high-profile involvement in the California recall election -- he performed political spin duties on TV on behalf of Arnold Schwarzenegger after the only debate involving all the candidates -- was apparently just a warm-up act for his own political talk show.

CNBC announced yesterday that the edgy comic will host his own five-nights-a week talk show starting in January. It will be taped in Burbank.

Mr. Miller was briefly touted as a possible GOP candidate against Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer next year, but he has apparently decided to bench those ambitions. It's just as well. He would have had to curb his over-the-edge humor on the campaign trail."

This is legitimately disappointing to me. I think he could have had a sincere shot, and at the very least, made the election interesting for non-Californians. Oh well.


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