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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Posted by RFTR
OpinionJournal - OpinionJournal's Political Diary: "The former Vermont governor now has the clearest path to the Democratic nomination of any candidate. If he wins in Iowa, he knocks out Dick Gephardt. If he wins in New Hampshire, he knocks out John Kerry. By then he'd likely be unstoppable, notwithstanding the inevitable Joe Lieberman, Wesley Clark or John Edwards claim to be the 'stop-Dean' candidate. The only way to stop Dean is to defeat him early, which is why we've seen Messrs. Gephardt and Kerry pounding away at him on perceived weak spots, like Medicare and trade, from the left."

Granted, I haven't been conscious for many presidential primary seasons, but does Dean winning Iowa and New Hampshire really knock out Gephardt and Kerry, respectively?
Also, the 'stop-_____' character, to my thinking, never seems to be an effective candidate. Positioning yourself like that automatically says "he's more liked than I am, but we've got to stop him anyway." It's like assuming you'll get a C on a test and trying to do better instead of shooting for the A from the start.


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