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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Posted by RFTR - France's NATO Gambit (sorry, subscribers only): "NATO is the ultimate coalition of the willing. An alliance of democracies, it can only exist if its members agree to remain united. That's why the French effort to create an independent European defense organization, with a separate headquarters, needs to be understood as an attempt to undermine the only official institution that binds the West."

As much as I hate this idea, thanks to France, I'm becoming increasingly isolationist. My instinct when I read this paragraph was to say "Fine, screw you. See how well your organisation works when we stop providing any of your defense, and running to your pet causes in Africa. Create your own organisation, we'll withdraw from NATO and form a new group with the Italy, Spain, Britain, and the Eastern European Block that wants to join us. Oh, and that missile shield we're building that we were going to include Europe under? If we see a missile heading for France or Germany, we wish you the best of luck."

I realize that this is a very immature view, and we do need foreign relations, but we have to draw the line somewhere. We have done, and continue to do so much for the stability of the world, and France, and to a lesser extent Germany, continue to ignore that fact. The entire purpose of the Bush Doctrine is to keep the world safe from a threat before it becomes imminent. Up to this point, France has been a minor annoyance, but if Chirac continues to behave the way he has been, he could threaten the future of the planet. Maybe one more "unilateral" action is in order?


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