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Monday, November 10, 2003

Posted by RFTR - We the People (Who Write Small Checks): "declining the matching funds means walking away from almost $19 million in January"

Sorry, subscribers only, but this is Howard Dean's attempt to explain his decision to opt out of federal matching funds. I have to say, this sentence in particular is BS. He may be "walking away" from a guaranteed 19 million, and taking a bit of a risk that he'll receive enough in private donations to overcome that 19. But he will overcome it, and that's the entire point. Maybe he did put it to a vote with his supporters, but just the same, this is not some altruistic gesture on his part--it's what he has to do to stay competitive. And, as many have rightly pointed out, his constant reference to W is more proof that every time the left (i.e. John McCain) comes up with a new way to "purify" (sorry James, I know you hate scare quotes) financing of elections, they just add a measure to protect incumbency. Why don't they just do what they want to do, stop dancing around the issue, and pass a measure that says Republicans can't contribute to campaigns?


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