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Thursday, November 20, 2003

Posted by RFTR - Conservatives Should Vote 'Yes' on Medicare: "Now President Bush, Speaker Dennis Hastert, and Majority Leader Bill Frist, working with Chairmen Bill Thomas and Chuck Grassley and Democrat Senators Max Baucus and John Breaux, have produced a Medicare bill that provides a drug benefit for seniors, choices for the baby boomers, and the opportunity for a major shift toward health savings accounts for all Americans.
Obstructionist conservatives can always find reasons to vote no, but that path leads right back into the minority and it would be a minority status they would deserve.

Sorry that's it's subscribers only, but if you can pick up a copy of the wsj today, I think it'd be worth it to read Newt's piece. I was surprised to see his name on a column encouraging conservatives to vote in favor of the medicare bill, but he makes a very compelling argument.


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