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Friday, December 19, 2003

Posted by RFTR
Bush Says Libya Will Allow Arms Inspections: "President Bush announced today that Libya, which for decades has been estranged from the United States, had agreed to forsake weapons of mass destruction and to allow weapons inspectors from international organizations into the country.
Mr. Bush, in a stunning late-afternoon appearance, said Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi had notified diplomats from both the United States and Britain of its decision. Libya has been talking with the United States and Britain quietly for some nine months, the president said."

Hmm. They announced this to the United States and Britain... not France and Germany? Not the UN? Maybe they've realized that we're serious about bringing stability to the Middle East by whatever means necessary?

Matt: Just thought I'd mention CNN's coverage of this story over the course of the day. Whereas most of the major outlets have been fairly positive about all this, CNN's website started out with "Libya to dismantle WMD program" then shifted to "Gadhafi's Son Says WMD Decision Not Related to Iraq Invasion" then to "Libya WMD Decision Criticized By Terror Victims" and now to "Anger of Pan Am 103 Bomb Victims". Does anyone else see a trend here? Hmmm... Why would anyone want to try and spin this as a less than positive story? What media bias?


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