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Monday, December 22, 2003

Posted by RFTR - Landers may resolve riddles of Mars life, water - Dec. 22, 2003: "Early Christmas morning, a small armada of exploratory spacecraft will reach the red planet"

This brings to mind the Simpsons episode where Homer accidentally changes the channel to a space launch just as the batteries fall out of the remote, and Bart has to dive across the room to pull the plug on the TV so that they don't have to watch "another boring space launch." According to, the primary definition of the word "armada" is "A fleet of warships." I think CNN is definitely going for this, particularly because on their homepage they link to this article with the tag-line "Armada of spacecraft approaching Mars."
Can we admit to ourselves already that, whatever ramifications it might have for the future, finding bacteria on another planet is really just boring as hell? It would be way cooler if we were actually sending a fleet of warships to mars... or, better yet, to Nuke the Moon.


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