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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Posted by RFTR
OpinionJournal - Extra: "I would not have chosen Afghanistan and Iraq to start with; Syria, Iran, Sudan and Libya were much more culpable and militarily more important to neutralize as sponsors of terror. (They say that Libya and Sudan have changed their tune lately, but I have my doubts.)
But once we chose Afghanistan and Iraq, once we began a serious campaign, we must continue the war until we achieve our objective, which is to remove all the governments that sponsor terror, or convince the remaining sponsors of terror to absolutely, thoroughly, and completely reverse their policy and actively seek out and destroy all terrorists that once had safe harbor within their borders. Anything less, and all our effort--all those American lives--were wasted. "

Somebody linked to this Orson Scott Card column before OpinionJournal picked it up, but I felt the need to do so again. He really makes some incredible points here. You've got to respect the man's politics--even if he is a Dem.


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