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Sunday, February 22, 2004

Posted by RFTR - Nader to run for president as independent - Feb. 22, 2004

Awesome. Just Awesome.

Jake -- I actually don't think that Nader's entry is going to matter once. Many justified voting for Nader in the last election because they didn't think that it would matter in the grand scheme of things (they thought that Gore would still be elected) and they wanted Nader to get federal matching funds. It turned out that Nader's votes were badly needed by Gore. With this year's major Democratic primary issue being electability, I doubt most of the left will make the same mistake twice.

Brian -- Sorry, my "Awesome. Just Awesome," comment wasn't very explicit. I don't particularly think that he'll make all that big a difference either. The comment was based mostly on my reading the message boards at DeanforAmerica, and seeing many people say both "Well, that's it, I'm voting for Bush," and "Well, that's it, I'm voting for Nader," which is basically the same conclusion.
Also, as I think I've mentioned before, I saw Nader speak a week and a half after he failed so miserably in 2000, and from that I never would have expected him to run again. Yet, here he is...


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