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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Posted by RFTR
I've posted a bunch of commentary on the new developments in the Democratic race over at Running for the Right. Since I'm going out of town on Thursday and will only have sporadic internet access for the next two and a half weeks, you should get your fix today.

Also, now that the Democratic nomination is pretty much sewn up, I have a favor to ask: I'm thinking that I want to write my senior thesis on this presidential election, probably next Spring. My focus, as I see it right now, will probably be an analysis of the overall strategy of both parties. Toward that end, it would be nice if, next December when I sit down to actually start thinking about it, I have a massive stack of articles relating to that topic. When I have computer access, I'm sure I'll do a decent enough job of saving copies of related articles myself. Unfortunately, the opening salvos between Kerry and Bush will be occurring over the next two weeks, and I won't have the ability to save copies. Basically, I'm asking, over the next two weeks, if you see any articles or columns commenting on Kerry posturing towards Bush or vice-versa, please, either save or print a copy for me? Thanks.


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